Hey guys from the underworld, we came here to remind you that we have an apointmeant this halloween night! AT&T and PXTV know that Halloween is not just about been around the neighbourhoods asking for candies and playing “trick or treat”, so we decided to make something bigger, Lutn Apocalypse Night! So you must be ready for a night full of fun and scary enviroment with the company of all kinds of monsters, zombies, wolfmen and, definitly a bunch of lady vampires as well.

And that’s not it! The party will be rocking with DJ’s and car shows that will shine during the night along with a full house of laser lights and “Lutn” led robots all around the block!

The “Zombie Infested Haunted House” will take place at the 911 NE 5th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33304 next saturday October 31st starting at 6 PM until midnight, so you better get set with your best Halloween outfit cause there will be amazing prizes for the best costumes shown at Apocalypse!

And remember this dark hours will be possible thanks to the official sponsorship of AT&T and PXTV, with the support of Lutn. A night like this is happened once in a year… you can not miss it! Check the video!

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